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The Four Wheeler Edition Super73 Bike Is Finally Here

We show off our collaboration with Super73 on our own e-bike.

A few months back, we teased the collaboration we've been working on for months. Our friends at Super73 wanted to showcase just how dynamic and customizable e-bikes can really be, and the results did not disappoint. Our trio of custom bikes featured special editions for HOT ROD and Super Street, and each is perfectly tailored to the audience they were inspired by.

We got the chance to take these bad boys out to the streets of Southern California and test them in several locations to see what they were capable of. Here's what we thought of Four Wheeler's installment of this collab.

First things first: What is a Super73 bike? In short, they're e-bikes, which you've likely seen everywhere lately, especially in these warmer summer months. However, just at first glance, Super73s look way more moto-style than your average bike. Bells and whistles like headlamps and extended seats give off super sleek, cafe racer vibes. If you're thinking about getting one, you'll only encounter two issues: deciding which customizations you're going to want, and hanging through the waitlist period, as every bike is currently backordered for several months. Quite the wait, yes. But are they entirely worth it? Absolutely. In just the afternoon we spent shooting photography for the bikes, we turned heads everywhere we went. Don't say we didn't warn you! We got stopped dozens of times by admirers who wanted to know where they could get a toy like this.

Months back, we sent our sketches, ideas and requests to staff bike designer Karoline Davidian, who ultimately brought the physical design to life. The first time we got down to the warehouse in Irvine, California, to see our creations, we were shown bikes far more sophisticated than what we could have imagined. We were presented with our three custom bikes, each based off their S1 model, yet completely unique from the other. It's hard to ignore the endless customization options available for this bike—dare I say, these things are the Wranglers of bicycles.

The Four Wheeler bike commands attention, from its impressive all-terrain tires, to its beefy suspension fork. Set on an Expedition Tan body, the bike evokes memories of desert crawlers like Humvees and Defenders, and it's just asking to get a little dirty! A bike this fancy might look like it's not water-friendly, but these bikes are waterproof to any kind of precipitation (just don't throw them in a lake). The removable battery makes it easy to charge, and a handlebar display lets you know how you're doing on battery and what mode you're riding in. If you're looking to maximize your battery life, you'll want to utilize pedal-assist mode, which comes in three speed settings. If you're just cruising around to have some fun in a smaller space, powering the bike via throttle is the way to go.

We brought the bikes to several locations to test them the first day, and my first thought was, this thing rips! Reaching up to 25 miles per hour, you're able to catch serious speed on these bikes, especially downhill. Good time to remind you: Bring a helmet for this one. These bikes are very, very fun, and quick on the acceleration. With that said, the standard Tektro hydraulic disc brakes have you covered, so you can stop on a dime.

Some of the coolest callouts from our off-road edition of the bike: extended seat and rear rack, steel molle panel, foldable shovel, Chrome Industries side bags, and an oversized LED headlamp with a steel cage protector. Check out the photo gallery for detail shots!

So, while it may be a two-wheel vehicle that says Four Wheeler on it, make no mistake—a Super73 is a great addition to your next wheeling trip if you're going to be biking that kind of terrain. Still, if you never took this bike off the pavement, you would have serious fun with it. We are definitely looking forward to bringing this toy along on our next big outdoor adventure. And while our design sadly isn't for sale, there are still a plethora of ways to make your bike your own. Safe riding out there!


Battery: A removable 768 watt-hour, 9-pound battery charges easily in any standard electrical outlet. A fully charged battery gets an estimated range of 30+ miles or 50+ miles in Eco pedal assist mode. Mileage and battery life vary based on the rider weight, outside temperatures, terrain, incline, etc.

Top Speed: Limited to 20 mph (in California), but depending on the conditions the bike can reach up to 25+ mph, especially in downhill scenarios.

Weight: 70 pounds

License, Registration, Insurance: Unlike a moped or motorcycle, you don't need them. A helmet is highly recommended. These are considered class 2 e-bikes.

Standard Features: Steel frame, aluminum cargo rack, all-terrain tires, hydraulic disc brakes, LCD display that shows speed and battery life, LED "halo" headlight, rear brake light

Available Colors: black, white, army green, tan

Price: $1,800 at super73.com (on sale from $1,995)