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OffRoad Design’s Axle Rebuild Kits

Everything you need and nothing you don’t to rebuild that common fullsize solid front axle.

If you've ever rebuilt a Dana 44, 10-bolt, or GM, Dodge, or Ford King Pin front axle, you probably found out the first time that it takes some work to gather all the parts you'll need. Generally, all these parts must be purchased from different places and assembled at your house before, or sometimes during, the axle rebuild when you've overlooked one item. Generally, you need new wheel bearings and races, new hub seals or wheel seals, new spindle seals (there are usually three or more), new spindle bearings, new inner axle seals, new carrier bearings, races and shims, and more. You may also need new spindles, or new hubs. Oh, and we totally forgot new ball joints (or king pin parts), spindle nuts and lock washers, and while it's all apart you will probably want to install new U-joints in the axle shafts, or you might find yourself tearing into the axle again in a few weeks or months.

Solid Axle Parts

On top of this, you don't want to use just any old parts made of pot metal from Whoknowswhere. You want to use quality parts made by trusted companies like Dana/Spicer, Yukon, Timken, National, Koyo, and so on. Parts that have been vetted by off-roaders on the trail. Just the other day, we bumped into the perfect solution, and it's from one of our favorite fullsize-aimed, family-owned and run companies, Offroad Design (aka ORD). It seems the company's head muckity-muck, founder, president whatever was helping his son work on an old K30 truck when it struck him that what he needed was just about one of everything for the axle. Born from this was a new series of part numbers for ORD with a shopping list of parts.


OffRoad Design Axle Rebuild Kits

The system works like this: Go to OffRoad Designs' website, and from there scroll down to the various axle rebuild kit links or click on Axles at the top and use the dropdown menu to select parts for your axle, be it a GM 10-bolt, 67-72 Dana 44 front axle, 73-76 six-lug Dana 44 front axle, 71-76 big-hub eight-lug Dana 44 front axle, or a Dodge, Ford, or GM king pin Dana 60. From there you can choose what parts you need and those you don't. Each page, or "list," suggests what parts you need and whether you'd need one or two of each for a complete rebuild. Prices will range from $20 if all you need is one (two are required for one axle) Ford D60 Spindle Stud/Nut Kit, and on up to $1,303 for a full rebuild kit for a king pin ford Dana 60 with just about everything you'd want to bring new life to an old axle. Of course, you can also add on chromoly axle shafts, new knuckles, steering arms, and systems from ORD, lockers, ORD suspension, and a ton of other parts that ORD sells and uses on their own vehicles. You can rest assured that ORD vehicles really get used from Ultimate Adventure, to King of the Hammers, and more.


Offroad Design