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Custom Seats for Our Early Bronco…and More

Retro and functional seats from Procar by SCAT.

Seats, they are where you sit, sometimes for hours on end while on the road or trail. You want them to fulfill a few needs. They need to be comfortable, they need to be safe, they need to be usable, and they need to look at home in the vehicle that they are installed in. We've run all kinds of seats from recovered 1946 CJ-2a seats that are little more than wood, metal, foam, and fabric, to high-end suspension seats and those found in modern luxury 4x4s. Different seats definitely do different jobs. Some are great for that period look, others are great for holding you tight over the big bumps in the dirt, while others keep you happy, comfortable, and awake on those long road trips.

Early Bronco Seats from Procar by SCAT

Our 1969 Bronco came with a pair of suspension seats, and we will use those one day in another project, but for this Bronco they didn't quite fit the bill. While this Bronco was a rockcrawler in a different life, we've spent too much money and time on this thing to want to really beat it off-road. We also want the truck to look somewhat period correct, while being comfortable and usable for road driving and the occasional jaunt into the dirt. We struggled to settle on a set of seats but finally went with some Procar by SCAT Classic Seats with Head Rests in Grey Vinyl. These seats are affordable, comfortable, and have a look that approaches a slightly more modern version of the Bronco's (and other 4x4s') original seats.

The Install of the Procar by SKAT Custom Seats

The install on these seats is about as simple as it gets. We ordered the seats, which come with included sliders, with adapter brackets for our early Bronco. Each seat costs about $320-$355, and the adapter brackets are about $86 each. The seats take some straightforward assembly, and the adapter brackets only required us to drill a hole or two in our Bronco's floor. We also cut off part of the seat mounts on the sliders to drop the seats down a bit since early Broncos have a raised seat area.


Procar by SCAT